Our Story

The genesis of his idea originated from the gaps in the education system during his college days. It surprised him that he was studying almost the same in a professional college what his brother studied 10 years back.
During his industrial training in the third year, he realized that technologies and skills required in the enterprises are miles apart from the education being imparted and skills being developed in colleges and felt himself to be from a primitive world.
He got his first job purely on the aptitude and was thrown in the industry like a non-swimmer is thrown in the sea. It took him a lot of effort to overcome the turbulence of professional world to obtain the desired skills and upgrade the technological knowledge.
He moved up the corporate ladder very quickly and his growth was attributed to his continuous zeal to acquire new skills and knowledge in demand.
There were a lot of institutes that mushroomed offering technological skills, however, the majority of them ran them like a business without a vision or a mission and many of them died their own death.
During his corporate journey, he envisioned EDOILA “Voila of education”. They, all likeminded and having known each other for ages used to discuss industry, technology, and academics over informal get-togethers. During one of such get-togethers, the belief got strengthened and precisely in two full days meeting between the Originators, EDOILA was born.
After the appreciation of the programs by the industry and veterans, they decided to bring EDOILA closer to the student community.
Together, they cherry-picked the areas of skills and knowledge that not only benefit the job seeker and employer but have a transformational impact on the human lives.
Education that does not better the life of learner and society is no education. The team of EDOILA formed the organization on this very principle and basis.
They work with uncompromised principles of quality, integrity, and values.

Good is the enemy of great

-Jim Collins

Founder, CEO

About us

EDOILA is an ingenious knowledge and skills delivery institute centered to tide over the gap between industry and academe by offering innovative, new generation and well-updated industry accredited courses crafted by the veterans.
EDOILA provides courses in the fields of Business Analytics, Data Science, Big Data Technologies, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing. The courses are added and updated with an aim of providing the latest and transformational skills and knowledge.
Our illustrious network made up of wide-ranging and diversified domestic and global companies serves as an exceptional platform for successful careers and up-skilling for existing workforce at eminent companies and organizations from all sectors.
Our versatilely talented and industrially experienced team with unmatched abilities understand the learner`s aspirations and Industry pulse extremely well to enable employment and current workforce up-skilling courses to add greater value to the organization.
To be one of the leading organizations world-wide for new generation skills and knowledge delivery in area of technology that helps businesses and individuals to grow and add value to the lives of citizens.
Ensuring highest quality standards by having best in class faculty and mentors, use of state of the art technology, processes and building global industry network for employment and upskilling to deliver the best value.
We do commerce with morality and the core values we practice are:

Integrity: Fairness, honesty, transparency and ethics in our conduct in everything we do.

Quality: Committed to achieve the best standards of quality.

Relationship with Stakeholders: We will invest in our employees, industry and associated ecosystem to enable latest skills and knowledge delivery, and build and nurture collaborative relationships based on transparency, openness, trust and mutual respect.

Societal Responsibility: We will base ourselves with environmental and social principles in our approach, with the aim to deliver many folds better what we get from society.

Early Mover: We will be expeditious and swift in taking challenges and ownership putting learner’s satisfaction as the main indicator for our organization.

Benchmarks and Baseliners

The programs are delivered by the team with academic and…
The programs are delivered by the team with academic and industry excellence. The majority faculty construct is from leading institutes including IITs/NITs or of matching repute.
Holistic Nurturing
The delivery incorporates the finishing modules that enhance
The delivery incorporates finishing modules that enhance the overall value of the resource. It includes all the required skills and knowledge for a successful career. EDOILA goes beyond the subject matter area for holistic nurturing.
Employability & Growth
The courses are focused on current employment/growth
The courses are focused on current employment/growth drivers. The program design and delivery are of globally accepted standards with a key focus on creating Human assets of great organizational value.
Resource Center
Learning is a continual process. The knowledge and skills in
The knowledge and skills in technology space have a short shelf life. To provide the insights and knowledge on the latest trends and the road ahead, EDOILA maintains a resource center to be Paced with the Pace of time.
ICT, Systems & Processes
The organization uses best in class technology to support
EDOILA thrives on best in class technology to support the partners, students, faculty and the ecosystem for seamless, effective and organized engagement. EDOILA adopts mature and tested process methodology and systems.
Social Impact
The evolvement and use of any technology are with the purpose
he evolvement of technology is with the purpose of improving human lives. Not only the partners, students, and the industries, but EDOILA strives with the mindset to participate in initiatives delivering the impact to the last mile.