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Partnership Program

EDOILA is looking for like-minded and able partners to create a presence for learning of Big Data, Machine learning and Digital Marketing across the Globe.

The said domain impacts all spheres of lives and businesses, therefore creating scope for enormous skill and effort momentum.

EDOILA  has exceptionally talented and experienced team on the subject matter and has unmatched abilities to deliver in the areas of strategy, planning, operations, innovations, marketing, sales, branding, processes, technology, academics and customer experience.

Leverage our Edge

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Partner Support Approach and Process

I. Capability Development Training Support:

a. EDOILA organizes orientation programs for new Partners and the staff required in the ecosystem

b. EDOILA conducts Faculty and Counselor coaching, mentoring and certification

c. EDOILA runs a roaster for imparting sales and marketing training

d. EDOILA undertakes training for new program addition

II. Systems and Standard Operating Procedure Support:

a. EDOILA designs the learner’s enrollment process.

b. EDOILA conducts the examination for learners.

c. EDOILA offers Learning Management Platform.

III. Market Development Support:

a. EDOILA centrally runs national and international campaigns for brand building and business promotion

b. EDOILA closely works with Field Marketing Management team of Partner to nurture the assigned geographical market and co-funds events of mutual importance

c. EDOILA provides all sales and marketing collaterals for the partner to approach the market

IV. Partner Qualification Criteria:

a. The owner/promoter should be a graduate with the basic understanding of emerging technologies

b. Should be passionate and have a good understanding of the geography with target market influence and repute

c. Should have good Operations, Sales and Marketing skills

d. Should have a clean career track record

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