Python Certification course in Gurgaon | Learn Python Programming

Location: Gurgaon

Master Faculty

Alumni of HBTI, Kanpur and MDI Gurgaon with 22 years of rich experience as a technology leader in world-class organizations. Founder and CEO of Digialaya, a state of the art voice over cloud platform integrated with Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. He possesses unparalleled experience of data science and engineering with expertise in various digital platforms and coding.

Expectations and Commitments

“You go ahead of scope of work to make us deliver above scope of value”

“You to be ambitious to shape your future to accomplish our commitment to nurture future”

“Solid execution aptitude to catch our regular updates of NextGen skills and knowledge to meet the pace of time”


Python is prominent, very much supported and “readable” programming language that everybody from Managers to Analysts to Web Designers can leverage.

Regardless of whether you have experience in programming or are planning to begin, this course will put you on the road to success by developing and sharpening your Python skills.

This course will prepare and train the learner to grow into a Programmer/Developer in Python language. The course will begin from the essentials of programming and will cover all the features of core Python programming. Key modules covered will be – Python installation, Python syntax, variable declaration, operators, conditions, loops, data structures, functions,OOPS, file operations and web methods.


Case Studies


Capstone Projects

Live Projects

Length of course:

120 Hours

Course location:


By earning this certification, you will be able to :

  • Learn programming essentials and basics of Python that make you do coding from the very first day.
  • Build Python Programs and keep adding complexities throughout the courses.
  • Learn the fundamentals of object-oriented programming
  • Troubleshoot Python Codes
  • Push your abilities to the next level by including scripting, modules and application programming interfaces to your Python toolkit.
  • Complete a cumulative final project.

• Engage in hands-on and project-based learning.
• Complete coding exercise to reinforce newly learned skills.
• Dive deeper into topics and techniques via programming labs.
• Receive individualized feedback and support from your instructional learn.
• Interaction with mentors.

  •  Web Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Tester
  • Big Data Analyst
  • Engineers
  • Data Scientist
  • Job Seekers / Changers

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